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Highly reliable video surveillance system from Intellio

Nádor Systems is a distributor of Intellio products for any industry in Hungary and abroad, consistently bearing mind the special characteristics of the location and the intended use. A reliable, customised Intellio system means simple implementation, stable and economical operations and advanced 21st century picture processing.

All Intellio products are developed by Intellio’s in-house engineers who minimise any environmental burden by focusing on energy saving solutions. The cameras, the operating software and the fixtures are perfectly aligned so that the result is a highly reliable video surveillance system. Beyond reliability, Intellio’s engineers continuously strive for enhanced, state-of-the-art, user friendly solutions.

Standards and certificates






Did you know that

  • all Intellio products are developed and manufactured in Hungary and within the EU?
  • ˜˜Intellio was the first in the world to develop advanced dashboard camera intelligence?
  • ˜˜Intellio Video System 2 was the second in the world to have been awarded a ONVIF „Profile S” Certificate, the most popular standard for IP videos?
  • Intellio’s ILD-810S camera supports the 4K standard?
  • ˜˜working Intellio camera systems can be found on four continents?˜˜


All Intellio smart cameras come with a built-in, intelligent video contents analysis function. As a result, each camera can transmit pictures at varying speed depending on the relevance or importance of an event at the surveyed location in terms of security. Thanks to this innovation by Intellio, all pictures are transmitted always at the optimum speed so that picture quality is never compromised. Intellio’s cost effective storage space management and server load balancing have a positive overall effect on the entire system, including the quantity of the necessary fixtures, hard drives and network assets, which means saving both energy and costs. As a result, a single Intellio work station is able to display pictures received from up to 60 high megapixel cameras.

ORIO – Intellio Video Codec

These 1.3 megapixel Intellio ORIO cameras communicate with the serves via a video stream. The IVC protocol is particularly effective at making the most of the high degree of similarity between the pictures taken by fix direction cameras. This solution dramatically reduces the need for storage space and the required band width. As IVC is able to compress any change virtually without any data loss, it produces better quality picture of important, moving objects and therefore enables better recognition than other solutions. The structure of IVC lets the Intellio Server discard pictures without re-compressing the video stream, thereby reducing the picture speed of the video recorded. The result is a single video stream at higher picture refresh rate for monitoring and lower refresh rate for recording purposes.

VISUS - Hierarchical P coding

The multi megapixel Intellio VISUS cameras use a special variation of the H.264 compression protocol which supports the reduction of the speed of video recordings just as effectively as the Intellio Video Codec used in lower resolution cameras. This new protocol has been developed specifically for multi megapixel camera pictures (up to 12 MP).


Each VISUS camera communicates with the serve via two video streams, but the protocol they use is slightly smarter than conventional ones. While the pictures coming from the camera are always recorded by the server in high resolution mode, they are only displayed in high resolution when a picture is spot-monitored. As soon as the picture pops back to small window mode, the resolution of the stream also returns to low (typically to 640x480). This protocol is fully automated and one of its key advantages is its ability to remarkably reduce the of the load on the video client, which in turn contributes to increased stable and continuous display. This service is also available via ONVIF and RTSP communication protocols.

















Intellio Video System – Main features

  • ˜˜Developed for Intellio smart cams
  • ˜˜Multi-megapixel Network Video Recording (NVR), monitors 2x30 cameras per work station
  • ˜˜Sound level controlled audio recording
  • ˜˜Inter-server redundancies – network load balancing and camera failover function
  • ˜˜Intelligent and quick search functions
  • ˜˜Interactive 3D map imaging, interactive panoramic mode
  • ˜˜Interactive, intelligent event browser, remote monitoring from mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • ˜˜Red Stop, number plate recognition and moving vehicle modules, visitor and customer analyses
  • ˜˜ONVIF Profile S certificate
  • ˜˜RTSP and SDK support, NAS support with emergency puffer